PhD student Petter Kallioinen



I manage the EEG lab and help other researchers to measure and analyze brain wave responses as event related potentials (ERP), ans also frame and adapt their research questions to this technique. I'm involved with the departments projects on early language acquisition, external projects concerning support for hearing impaired children, and a wide range of projects including semantic re-analysis of ambiguous sentences, verbal fluency, verbal dis-fluencies, noise and ADHD, and my own projects on how word meaning is reflected in brainwaves.

Link to publication list in DiVA (Academic Archive On-line)

Collaborating with

Lenz Taguchi, Hillevi

Lenz Taguchi holds undergraduate majors in literature and sociology and earned her PhD in education in 2001 at Stockholm University. Promoted Professor of Education 2011. Appointed professor in Child and Youth Studies and presently co-directo...

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