Dr Ellen Marklund


My research focuses on first language acquisition, specifically early speech perception. I'm also interested in computational modeling of language development, as well as in methodological issues of empirical infant studies (primarily eye-tracking).

Current projects

  • Fundamental frequency as basis for speech segmentation modeling (master thesis)
  • Verb learning in early infancy
  • Context effects in Swedish adults and infants
  • Psychophysics and language development
  • Visual preference paradigm and anticipatory looking paradigm in eye-tracking studies
  • Event-related gaze analysis in eye-tracking studies
  • Early development of hemispheric specialization for speech processing (funded by The Swedish Research Council)

List of publications (DiVA)

Student theses in DiVA

Collaborating with

De Lacerda, Francisco

My research profile is focused on explaining the infant's acquisition of the ambient language's linguistic structure as an emergent information-structuring process anchored on independently motivated biological and social components. My specific goal is to present a coherent a...

Gustavsson, Lisa

My research interests are:

Early language acquisition: Speech processing, speech production and communicative interaction in early language acquisition and in particular the characteristics of the acoustic signal used in speech.

Forensic phonetics: Speaker identifi...

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