Dr Klara Arnberg


Position and research profileKlara Arnberg holds a research position at the Department of Economic History, Stockholm University. Her main research interests lie in the intersection of business history, consumption, gender/sexuality history, and media history, with a specific focus on advertising history and pornography history. Arnberg's work has been published in leading international peer-review journals, such as Business History, Enterprise & Society, Journal of Homosexuality, Sexuality & Culture and NORA - Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research. In addition, she has co-authored a book on Moral panics (together with Tommy Gustafsson) and she is one of the editors the collections of key texts in Swedish gender and sexuality history, Könspolitiska nyckeltexter (2012) and Sexualpolitiska nyckeltexter (2015).
Current research projectsArnberg is currently involved in three projects, concerning • Gender and sexuality perspectives on the Swedish advertising industry • Theoretical perspectives on the economic history of sexuality • Shop windows and industrial exhibitions as gendered spaces (a sub study of the Stockholm City Museum's project "Gendered spaces: Multidimensonal walks in urban history")
Selected publications · Arnberg & Svanlund (2016), “Mad Women: Gendered Divisions in the Swedish Advertising Industry, 1930–2012”, Business History (online first). · Arnberg & Marklund (2016), ”Illegally blonde: Swedish sin and pornography in U.S. and Swedish imaginations 1955–1971”, in Björklund & Larsson (eds.), Swedish Cinema and the Sexual Revolution: Critical Essays. Jeffersson, North Carolina: McFarland. · Arnberg (forthcoming 2016), “Before the Scandinavian ‘Porn Wave’: The Business and Regulations of Magazines Considered Obscene in Sweden, 1910–1950”, under publication in Porn Studies. · Arnberg, Laskar & Sundevall (eds.) (2015). Sexualpolitiska nyckeltexter [Key texts in Sexual Politics]. Leopard förlag. · Bertilsdotter Rosqvist & Arnberg (2015), ”Ambivalent Spaces: The Emergence of a New Gay Male Norm Situated Between Notions of the Commercial and the Political in the Swedish Gay Press, 1969–1986”, Journal of Homosexuality Vol. 62, no 6, p. 763–781. · Arnberg & Larsson (2014), ”Benefits of the In-Between: Swedish Men's Magazines and Sex Films 1965–1975”, Sexuality & Culture, Vol. 18, no 2, p. 310–330. · Arnberg (2013), ”For Men, by Men? Women's Business Activities in the Pornographic Press Compared to the Overall Publishing Industry in Sweden 1950–1972", NORA - Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research, vol. 21, no 1, p. 21–40. · Gustafsson & Arnberg (2013), Moralpanik och lågkultur: genus- och mediehistoriska analyser 1900–2012 [Moral panics and low culture: gender- and media historical analyses, 1900-2012]. Stockholm: Atlas akademi. · Arnberg (2012), ”Under the Counter, Under the Radar? The Business and Regulation of the Pornographic Press in Sweden 1950–1971", Enterprise & Society, vol. 13, no 2, p. 350–377. · Arnberg, Sundevall & Tjeder (eds.) (2012). Könspolitiska nyckeltexter. Vol. I + II [Key texts in Gender Politics, Vol. I + II]. Makadam förlag. · Arnberg, ”Mellan organisationspress och sensationell nakenhet: Nudist- och naturistpressen i Sverige 1951–1968", Presshistorisk årsbok 2012, p. 141–162. · Arnberg (2010), Motsättningarnas marknad: den pornografiska pressens kommersiella genombrott och regleringen av pornografi i Sverige 1950–1980. Lund/Umeå: Sekel. 339 sidor (diss.).


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