Dr Holendro Singh Chungkham

Email: holendro.chungkham@su.se
Phone: +46 8 5537 8913




Ph.D., Population Studies, 2009, International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai, India

Research profile/Current work
I worked earlier as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics, North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) in Shillong, India. There I was teaching the graduate-level students in Statistics. Primarily, I worked on Demography with emphasis on the application of survival techniques and multilevel models. Currently I have an position at Stress Research Institute as a Post-Doctoral Fellow an I am currently focusing on the application of mixed/multilevel/growth models in understanding trajectories of various behaviors in epidemiological studies.

Cost, accessibility and utilization of health-care facilities in India: a study of hospital inpatients, 2009

Selected publications
Holendro Singh, Ch., Ladusingh, L. (2010). Inpatient length of stay: a finite mixture modeling analysis. The European Journal of Health Economics 11(2): 119-126.

Holendro Singh, Ch. (2009). The public-private differential in health care and health-care costs in India: the case of inpatients. Journal of Public Health 17(6): 401-407.

Holendro Singh, Ch., Ladusingh, L. (2009). Household use of inpatient healthcare services in India. World Health & Population 11(1): 39-49.

Ladusingh, L., Holendro Singh, Ch. (2007). Rich-poor gap in maternal care: The case of Northeast India. Asian Population Studies 3(1): 79-94.

Ladusingh, L., Holendro Singh, Ch. (2006). Place, community education, gender & child mortality in Northeast India. Population, Space & Place 12(1): 65-76.


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