Prof Hugo Westerlund

Phone: +46 8 5537 8926

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SLOSH Wave VI: Continuation of the nationally representative cohort study on a sustainable working life
01/01/2016 - 31/12/2017

The Swedish Longitudinal Occupational Survey of Health (SLOSH) is a unique, nationally representative prospective cohort study (n=40.926) with multiple repeat measurements of both exposures and outcomes. The objective is to provide data for the investigation of ...

Mental health in adolescence and the paths ahead. An ecological life course approach to mental health trajectories into adulthood
01/01/2012 - 31/12/2017

Ungdomars psykiska hälsa är viktig av många orsaker ? inte minst för att det har betydelse också för hälsa och social situation under resten av livet. Psykisk ohälsa i ungdomen leder ofta till sociala problem samt fysisk och psykisk oh...

SLOSH Wave V: Extension of the nationally representative cohort study on a sustainable working life
01/01/2014 - 31/12/2015
En riksrepresentativ studie med fokus på ett långsiktigt hållbart arbetsliv: Den femte datainsamlingen Det finns få studier i världen med många upprepade mätningar som fokuserar på sambanden mellan arbetslivet och hälsa, och inga...

Collaborating with

Åkerstedt, Torbjörn
Director of the Stress Research Institute

PhD in Psychology

Research profile/Current work
I am a professor and director of the Stress Resear...

Leineweber, Constanze

Researcher, Data Manager


Degree in Psychology (Diplom-Psychologe)

Research profile/Current work
One of my main interests is the intera...

Theorell, Töres

Scientific advisor

MD PhD Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. I am a physician who defended my dissertation in 1971 at the Karolinska Institute with my thesis on Life events in rela...



Division of Epidemiologi
Our divison focuses on improved understanding of how stress-related illnesses and health problems arise and can be prevented in and outside of the workplace. In particlar, we focus on how working life, in a broad sense, affects health, taking also factors outside working life int...

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