Dr Arne Lowden

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PhD in Psychology 1999. Accredited sleep specialist 2010.

Research profile/Current work

I work as a sleep-and stress researcher and my research profile is circadian rhythms, light behaviour, and sleep. With sleep as a specialty, I am since 2010 one of 30 certified sleep specialists now working in Sweden. I have primarily studied the adjustment problems for shift workers and flight personnel. I have also done studies of self-selected work hours, conducted experimental studies of nutrition and sleep, and studied how alertness, learning and performance can be improved in school.

Recently, I have devoted time to studies, which includes effects of sleep and recovery from light impact in so-called light room, light at the school, lighting in windowless rooms, driving behavior at night in younger and older drivers and the effects of mobile phone use on sleep.

I am also active as a teacher, which includes responsibility for the training course sleep, at the distance course Lifestyle and Health at SLU and also responsible for the training course element Work Psychology and Health in Psychology at the Karolinska Institute. I have actively participated in several conferences, nationally and internationally and have developed training materials for many courses, including Shift Schedule Driving Licence, published in collaboration with Prevent and Food and sleep school from the Milk Promotion (Swedish Dairy Association).

Jet lag and shiftwork - their effects on sleep & sleepiness
, 1998


- Swedish Society for University Teachers
- Swedish Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine (board member 2003-2010)
- European Society for Sleep Research
- Sleep Research Society
- Working Time Society (board member 2010-)
- Scandinavian Sleep Research Society

    Selected publications
    Lowden A, Akerstedt T, Ingre M, Wiholm C, Hillert L, Kuster N, Nilsson JP, Arnetz B (2011) Sleep after mobile phone exposure in subjects with mobile phone-related symptoms. Bioelectromagnetics, 32(1):4-14

    Lowden A, Moreno C, Holmbäck U, Lennernäs M, Tucker P (2010) Eating and shift work - effects on habits, metabolism and performance. Scand J Work Environ Health, 36(2):150-162

    Lowden A, Anund A, Kecklund G, Peters B, Åkerstedt A (2009) Wakefulness in young and elderly subjects driving at night in a car simulator. Accident, Analysis and Prevention, 41: 1001-1007

    Lowden A, Holmbäck U, Åkerstedt T, Forslund J, Lennernäs M & Forslund A (2004) Performance and sleepiness during 24 h of constant conditions are affected by diet. Biol. Psych, 65:251-263

    Lowden A, Åkerstedt T, Wibom R (2004) Suppression of sleepiness and melatonin by bright light exposure during breaks in night work. Journal of Sleep Research, 13:37-43

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    The significance of light exposure for adjustment to daytime- and shift-work, above and below ground, and during different seasons
    01/01/2012 - 31/12/2014
    Svensk sammanfattningLjusexponering är en viktig faktor för anpassningen till udda arbetstider. Den här studien undersöker huruvida en försakelse av ljus kan vara en viktig faktor och vilka nivåer av ljusintag som behövs för att u...

    Impact of light exposure for adapting to day and shiftwork, above and below ground, as well as during different seasons
    01/01/2012 - 31/12/2014

    The brain knows time of day through light exposure, a crucial help for organizing body restitution. Light exposure is also an important factor for adaptation to odd work hours. Those who work irregularly show rhythm problems or circadian stress that causes fatigue, mood deteri...

    Health and productivity in transition to LED in open offices
    01/08/2013 - 31/12/2014
    Energy efficient office lighting has great potential. Trials needs considering employees' health, wellbeeing and productivity. At Karolinska Institutet, KI Innovation, LED-based lights are tested (30% energy reduction). The ceiling integrates light and sound absorbers optimizing ...

    The effect of radio frequency fields from 3G mobile phones on sleep and cognitive functions
    01/01/2011 - 31/12/2012
    Svensk sammanfattning

    Projektet bedrivs i samarbete med Karolinska Institutet och syftar till att studera hur radiofrekventa fält från mobiltelefoner påverkar fysiologisk sömnkvalitet och kognitiv prestationsförmåga hos unga personer (1...

    Light in the control room at a Swedish nuclear power plant adapted to shift schedule for the optimization of sight ergonomy, wakefulness and recovery
    01/01/2008 - 31/12/2010
    Several factors prevent shift workers to adapt to working hours, including the absence of natural light during the work and a generally low level of lighting. This project intends to – with the right light technology – design the work in the control environment, facil...

    Collaborating with

    Åkerstedt, Torbjörn
    Director of the Stress Research Institute

    PhD in Psychology

    Research profile/Current work
    I am a professor and director of the Stress Resear...



    Division of Biological psychology and treatment research

    Our research division is focused on sleep and recovery associated with stress. The main idea is that stress/load gives long-term effects only when recovery is disturbed. The emphasis is on recovery processes as reflected in the activity of the central nervous system (such as d...

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