PhD student Aram Seddigh

Phone: +46 8 5537 8927


Research Assistant

MSc in psychology (2008) with an interdisciplinary education in Business administration.

Research profile/Current work

In general, my research focuses on how different office types (such as open offices, private rooms or shared rooms) are related to the health, well-being and productivity of employees. I conduct my research through focus group interviews, cognitive tests and online surveys addressed to managers and employees. In my current PhD project, I collect data related to three different fields in order to further the understanding of how the office environment affects employees. The first field concerns environmental psychology and architectural aspects such as the location of the employees' workstations within the office, light, noise, ventilation, and the number of people who share the same office space. The second filed concerns organizational and individual aspects such as leadership, change management, conflicts at work and information flow within the organisation. The third field of focus concerns the individual and how differences in personality and cognition are related to the health, well-being and productivity of the individual. I believe that a interdisciplinary starting point is important, not only for developing a better understanding of how employees and the office environment interact and affect well-being and productivity, but also for being able to introduce steps to increase well-being and the capacity of people working in offices.

Collaborating with


Division of Epidemiologi
Our divison focuses on improved understanding of how stress-related illnesses and health problems arise and can be prevented in and outside of the workplace. In particlar, we focus on how working life, in a broad sense, affects health, taking also factors outside working life int...

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