Prof Love Ekenberg


e-Infrastructure monitoring evaluation and tracking support system
15/04/2012 - 14/10/2014

While Africa is the fastest growing region for e-infrastructure development, the lack of accurate knowledge on past and ongoing e-infrastructure projects on the ground creates many uncertainties in international cooperation. Additionally, the lack of coordination among interna...

Energy Efficiency and Risk Management in Public Buildings
01/10/2010 - 31/03/2014
The overall objective of EnRiMa is to develop a decision-support system (DSS) for operators of energy-efficient buildings and spaces of public use. By providing integrated management of conflicting goals such as cost minimisation, meeting energy, efficiency, and emission-reductio...

Societal decision making in planning processes
01/01/2008 - 31/12/2010
The purpose of this project is to formulate a transparent democratic decision model for societal decision making. Steps include the design of a clear, transparent and interactive decision process, with dynamic information being continuously submitted by multiple stakeholder group...

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