PhD student Mitsuyo Kuwano Lidén

Phone: +46-(0)8-162496
Address: Kräftriket 4B, room 107, 106 91 Stockholm, Sweden


I am currently writing a dissertation with title: Deictically Used Japanese Demonstratives: Learners' Perception of Proximity in Inter-laungage Performance
The primary goal of my dissertation is to describe interlanguage of Finnish speaking and Swedish speaking learners of Japanese (L2 learners of Japanese) in order to determine the source of errors that L2 learners make in the use of Japanese demonstratives, specifically, deictically used demonstratives; whether there is an evidence of transfer (cross-linguistic influence; influence from mother tongue) or not, and in case there is a transfer effect, to describe it and examine to what extent it plays a roll in language acquisition/learning. By doing so, I intend to give an account of learner language and thereby shed some light on learners’ acquisition process of Japanese demonstratives. This study will contribute to the area of Japanese language education and give an insight into even the area of cross-linguistic studies.

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