Synthesis structure and properties of new Fullerene like materials (New Fullerene-Like Materials)

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EU Fifth Framework Programme - Improving Human Potential

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Start date: 01/10/2002
End date: 30/09/2006
Funding: 1500000 EUR


New advanced materials are considered as essential for the development of novel products, giving access to an enlarged field of use and applications. The present programme aims at producing New Fullerene-like materials exhibiting unique properties, which are not yet reached, by any existing material. These can be defined as made of two-dimensional lamellar basic units of nanoscale dimensions with closed and curved shapes, which can grow in the solid phase into three-dimensional networks or architectures displaying a wide range of morphologies. The atomic-scale structure of these materials involving strong covalent inter-atomic bonding and non-compact space filling, make them strong candidates for breakthrough developments, of potentially high interest in many industrial fields. Beyond the well identified mechanical and lubrication properties, our motivation is to explore other electronic, optical, magnetic and reactivity properties of such nano-structured materials as well as to explore the different synthesis routes in order to grow new structures or coatings, to improve the control of the used ones for better selectivity of the final product and to upgrade the production rates. To fully characterize the new materials at all scales, from the atomic to the macroscopic ones, to measure the electronic, optical and mechanical properties exhibited by the deposited structures as function of the synthesis parameters and in complete correlation with the outputs of the characterization procedures. Another major goal of the proposed network is to stimulate the interest of industrial partners for transforming these basic researches into products, of commercial impact.

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