Characterisation of exhaust Particulate emissions from road vehicles (PARTICULATES)

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EU Fifth Framework Programme - Competitive and sustainable growth

Project Details

Start date: 01/04/2000
End date: 31/03/2003
Funding: 2487050 EUR


A thorough chacterisation of particulate emissions from present and near future diesel and gasoline vehicles will be carried out. Investigation parameters will include mass and number exhaust concentrations, size, chemical composition and others. Measurements will be conducted both in test cells and roadside. The effect of cold start at subzero temperatures will be studied. Vehicles will also run on various fuels. Special attention will be given to the effect of engine concept and exhaust after treatment systems on particulate emissions. Prior to the measurements, a strict measuring protocol will be developed aiming at reducing variability between measurements without hampering the exhaust aerosol properties. The proposal output is split into Deliverables to provide firstly, technically accurate PM emission factors for all main road vehicle sources and secondly, detailed information of exhaust particulates properties.

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