Recruitment to Science Education: Actors, Initiatives, Messages

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Start date: 01/09/2010


This is a project conducted in collaboration with Ph.D. Lena Hansson at Kristanstad University, Sweden.

Background and aimYoung people’s interest in pursuing science and science-intense educations has been expressed for years as a concern often put in relation to societal, economic and democratic development by various stakeholders. To date, empirical studies have had a focus on the individual student’s intentions and choices rather than on the recruitment campaigns as such. The ‘Recruitment to Science Education: Actors, Initiatives, Messages’ project aims to contribute to an understanding of the functioning of recruitment campaigns by scrutinizing what messages are conveyed by different actors to young students on why they should ‘choose’ a STEM-line of study.
Three case-studies
The overall project comprises three case-studies where initiatives initiated by three different actors (government, academia and industry) are analyzed.
  • The first case-study concerns a government-initiated national campaign called 'The Broad Line' aimed at Swedish 15 year olds about to choose a line of upper-secondary education (STEM or other). The case has been reported in: Andrée, M. & Hansson, L. (2013). Marketing the ‘Broad Line': Invitations to STEM education in a Swedish recruitment campaign, International Journal of Science Education, 35(1), 147-166.
  • The second case-study, ”How scientists invite young people to the scientific community” which was partially reported at ESERA 2013, concerns a webcasted Chemistry Advent Calendar, initiated by a Technological University in Sweden.
  • The third case-study, currently in the set-up-phase, is a case-study of how a trade organisation of the manufacturers and suppliers of a Swedish industrial sector work with a school program for developing young students’ interest in STEM-education as a means to create good conditions for competitiveness, growth and productivity.

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