The role of teacher family characteristics for teaching quality and discrimination

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Swedish Institute for Labour Market Policy Evaluation (IFAU)


Teachers are important for student performance, but it is difficult to pinpoint what factors are determinant for teacher quality. Previous research has not been able to show that teacher education or teaching experience plays any major role. This project studies if teachers’ family characteristics have a role in student performance, especially how teachers’ attitudes are affected by the sex of their own children and their siblings. Are teachers with sons better at teaching boys, or do they favor boys in their grading? Is school performance affected if students and teachers are of the same sex, ethnical background or belong to the same socio-economic group?

In order to improve school performance and counteract discrimination, it is important to understand the underlying mechanisms in student performance and grading bias. This project uses data linking students to class, subject and teachers. This will be matched to register data on student and teacher characteristics.

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