Building capacities of East-Central Europe national agencies to promote higher education outside the EU

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Funding: 182565 EUR


European integration and the implementation of the Bologna Process have made new EU members eager to increase academic exchange with more established EU members and also to attract third-country students to their higher education institutions (HEI).

Hence, the national agencies of three similar-sized East-Central European (ECE) countries with comparable strategies towards internationalisation (Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic) wish to develop the staff skills both in their national agencies and in HEIs for the promotion of the best quality higher education. Third country students - especially from South-East Asia - are a secondary target group who will benefit from the increased visibility of European higher education.

This project focuses on two more established promotion agencies, EduFrance and DAAD, sharing good practice and experience in marketing higher education with ECE countries and on enhancing intercultural understanding.

Through two seminars, three field-training sessions and a final conference the partners aim to develop the capacities of staff to improve the attractiveness of the three ECE countries in third countries.

Activities will be organised in Budapest, Prague, Paris and in Asia. The final conference will be open to other EU countries wishing to develop their promotion skills. The outcomes of the project will be disseminated on-line.

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