Swedish Generations and Gender Survey

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Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ)

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Start date: 01/01/2011
Funding: 6200000 SEK


The Swedish Generations & Gender Survey (GGS) will become part of an international data infrastructure, the Generations and Gender Programme (GGP), organized by the Population Activities Unit of the Economic Commission for Europe. The infrastructure includes a three-wave panel survey of adults to which a contextual database covering their adult lives is matched. The GGP's overarching goal is to provide data infrastructure for improved understanding of the causes and consequences of dramatic declines in fertility and changes in partnership behavior in Europe and other affluent countries. GGP data will enable research on life-course decision processes; the role of values in life course choices; persistence and change in the gendered character of the life course; intra- and inter-generational processes in the life course; and improved understanding of the effects of welfare policy in general and policies focused on aging or gender. The grant will support implementation of the survey with about 14,000 Swedish respondents aged 18-79, including a telephone interview and supplementary postal or web-based questionnaire. Data from administrative registers will also be included. To date, 17 countries have completed the first GGS. The Swedish survey will be ready for implementation in August 2011. Participation in the Generations and Gender Programme is essential to maintain Sweden's leading position in demographic, family and aging research.

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