eGovlab - National demonstration and test environment for public innovation

Project leader

Funding source

Vinnova - The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems

Project Details

Start date: 15/08/2013
End date: 31/12/2013
Funding: 225000 SEK


Sweden lacks a venue where citizens, government agencies, municipalities, IT vendors and researchers can work together in a common ecosystem of public innovation. With a technology platform as a base, and an organization for marketing and collaboration would eGovlab at Stockholm University therefore establish a national demonstration and test environment for public innovation of e-services and processes. The demonstration and test environment will also become a natural link to international initiatives such as Mindlab, Fraunhofer Fokus and Europe´s large-scale pilots (LSP). The project builds on the Vinnova funded project Demo Environment for e-services and processes. The project runs for a little more than three years and is organized in three parts: marketing, demonstration and testing, and research. The implementation is divided into three phases: i) information and exhibit, ii) Launch and strategic projects and iii) Broadening and next step. Main deliverables consist of a manned base organization, a perma

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