Development and application of Artificial Systems for Activation of DiOxygen and C-H bonds (ASADO-CH)

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EU Seventh Framework Programme

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Start date: 01/03/2014
End date: 28/02/2018
Funding: 100000 EUR


The excision of C-H bonds from an aliphatic carbon chain to produce functionalized compounds is a general pathway inbiosynthetic transformations for which there are no simple and mild laboratory substitutes. Moreover, their source materials(like dioxygen) are abundant and have proved to be sustainable for millions of years. This proposal targets the inventionof new bioinspired processes for C-H oxidation, arylation and dehydrogenation. To achieve this goal, invention of bothnew suprabiotic iron catalysts and new directed radical C-H functionalization methods will be mandatory. As a result, the conversion of a relatively inert aliphatic system to its functionalized counterpart will revolutionize the field of OrganicSynthesis. Direct application in the modification of cheap materials into medicinally relevant compounds (some of themcurrently on the market) is planned.

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