Mellan möjligheter och motstånd – en komparativ studie av kvinnlig friidrott, skidsport, handboll och brottning från 1920-tal till 2000-tal

Project leader

Funding source

Swedish Centre for Sports Research - Centrum för idrottsforskning (CIF)

Project Details

Start date: 01/01/2010
End date: 31/12/2012


The aim of this project is to analyse women’s sport in Sweden during the 20th century. The four part studies consists of track-and-field (1920-1930’s), skiing and handball (1940-1970) and wrestling (1980-present). The respective periods and sports are justified on the basis of a hypothesis about the fruitfulness of examining women’s entering into previously male dominated contexts.

With a combined actor-structure-perspective, women’s sport are studied as an important and controversial arena for women’s participation in public life. The comparison between different time periods spreads light on time specific as well as recurring circumstances that has shaped the conditions for female sport and women's experience of sport. The study analyses how discursive as well as structural conditions have offered or limited possibilities. Also, the actions taken by individuals and groups are studied. Different methods and materials are used in order to offer and analyse a diversity of perspectives, mainly different types of text sources (archived association materials and association magazines) and interviews (when possible).

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