Zeolite Study by Combining Powder X-ray Diffraction and Electron Microscopy

Project leader

Funding source

Swedish Research Council - Vetenskapsrådet (VR)

Project Details

Start date: 01/01/2009
End date: 31/12/2012
Funding: 4442000 SEK


This research project is dedicated to the studies of crystal growth mechanism and method development of structure determination of micro/nano-sized zeolites by combining powder X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy techniques. The crystal growth mechanism studies will concern various aspects, including effects of different synthesis conditions (such as templates, temperature, pressure and ratio of reactants) and different stages of the crystal growth (such as the nucleation, growth and dissolving). The outcome from the crystal growth mechanism studies will be extremely valuable for targeted modifications of known zeolites and synthesis of new zeolites. In order to solve structures of high-silica zeolites which are normally polycrystalline, new structure determination methods will be developed in this project. The new method will combine all structural information obtained by different techniques (such as different new techniques in electron microscopy and powder X-ray diffraction). The structure determination method developed within this project will facilitate the identification of zeolite structures, therefore widening the industrial impact of zeolitic materials. The potential of this new method is large as it can be easily transferred to structure determination of other complex systems such as mesoporous materials, dense oxides and intermetallic compounds.

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