FOCUSING KOPPARMÄRRA. A Study of Practical Terms in Filmmaking

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Swedish Research Council - Vetenskapsrådet (VR)

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Start date: 01/01/2010
End date: 31/12/2012
Funding: 2700000 SEK


Focusing Kopparmärra, A Study of Practical Terms in Filmmaking is an artistic project which aims at meeting the needs of a new vocabulary within film practice, better adapted to the actual and theoretical developments in the field. With the digital revolution within filmmaking, distribution and consumption of moving images, the situation has changed radically. Filmmaking however, in spite of having these radically new possibilities by means of the digital techniques, seems to be limited by the fact that ideas of cinematic practice still linger on in the analog paradigm. The project aims at returning to a primary conception of images to reach the conceptual nucleus of film, without the deadweight from a technical apparatus which is no longer in use or relevant.

The primordial image created by lights and shadows is illustrated by the construction of a camera obscura with the statue Kopparmärra in Gothenburg in focus for the series of images shown. The research in the project is based on experiment and analysis. A group of researchers with two filmmakers, Göran du Rées and Kalle Boman, and a film scholar, Astrid Söderbergh Widding, will be trying out a series of significant terms from practical filmmaking in trying to describe a number of films focusing Kopparmärra. These films will be made within the framework of the project. 60 people of different age, gender and background are invited to contribute, each with their part. The group of researchers will discuss the concepts developed within an interdisciplinary seminar. The result of the research will be presented at Göteborgs konsthall with an exhibition accompanied by a catalogue, and as a separate film essay.

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