Development of new catalytic tandem transformations for organic synthesis. Synthesis of efficient new catalysts

Project leader

Funding source

Swedish Research Council - Vetenskapsrådet (VR)

Project Details

Start date: 01/01/2008
End date: 01/01/2010
Funding: 700000 SEK


This project concerns the development of innovative synthetic methodology, with emphasis on catalysis and asymmetric synthesis, to complement and enhance the existing arsenal of non-asymmetric and asymmetric transformations available to the synthetic community. This proposal is directed towards the study of new metal-catalyzed reactions in which carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bonds are formed, and that are atom-economical, environmentally benign, highly selective, and that take place under mild reaction conditions. In particular, I will study a new approach to perform tandem transformations which begin with the formation of a transition metal enolate which further reacts with a variety of electrophiles or which evolves in a cascade type reaction where several C-C bonds are formed in “one pot”. The enantioselective formation of new bonds will be also attempted using chiral metal complexes. The stereochemistry in a drug molecule governs its biological activity, and chirality is a key issue not only in pharmaceutical research, but also in material science. Yet, the synthesis of chiral organic molecules is one of the most difficult challenges in organic chemistry. The use of inexpensive and environmentally friendly metals, such as iron complexes, as catalysts is highly desirable. Also, the synthesis of biologically active molecules will be attempted using the developed methodology.

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