Treatment system research on European Addiction Treatment (TREAT 2000)

Project leader

Funding source

EU Fifth Framework Programme - Quality of Life and management of living resources

Project Details

Start date: 01/03/2000
End date: 28/02/2003
Funding: 666000 EUR


The TREAT 2000 projects aims at three objectives: A detailed comparative description of health care systems provided for opioid addicts in six European regions, a follow-up study of 150 opioid addicts over 18 months in these regions including their utilisation of the system and a comparative evaluation of the different systems by relating outcome measures of the follow-up study, especially, social functioning and drug free days with the utilisation of the systems and the kind of provided help. Additionally, a comparative assessment of the costs of the regional systems and first steps to an approximate cost-effectiveness evaluation will be carried out. TREAT 2000 will be the first study of this kind. Its results will be of importance for improving local and, in particular, European health care strategies for drug addicts.

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