The Physics of Type Ia Supernova Explosions (TYPE IA SUPERNONAE)

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EU Fifth Framework Programme - Improving Human Potential

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Start date: 15/07/2002
End date: 14/07/2006
Funding: 1494200 EUR


Supernova research combines a variety of different fields and methods tram nuclear physics to cosmology and tram the largest, fastest supercomputers to the largest, most powerful telescopes. The explosion models are amongst the most demanding numerical problems in computing today. The observations of supemovae require co-ordination of large groups. The research groups involved here are at the cutting edge of their respective fields. They have constructed and used the instrumentation of modem telescopes, they have developed new tools to handle, visualize, and archive huge data sets, and they were among the very first to establish astrophysics as a leader in high-performance scientific computing, including massively parallel and even distributed computing. This network, therefore, provides a framework to educate the next generation of young researchers in this leading research area. It combines the skills from the many supernova groups in Europe and provides young researchers with opportunities so far not available to them.

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