Job insecurity from a gender perspective

Project leader

Funding source

Forte - Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare

Project Details

Start date: 01/01/2007
End date: 31/12/2009
Funding: 2850000 SEK


An increasing number of workers are employed on temporary employment contracts and many organizations go through restructuring. Ten percent of the Swedish workforce report that their jobs are threatened by layoffs and about half experience their current employment as threatened. The international trend is similar, as manifested in declining satisfaction with job security. Previous research shows that uncertainty about keeping one’s job may have even more detrimental consequences than unemployment. Whereas numerous studies have found job insecurity to be related to job dissatisfaction, lower levels of organizational commitment and impaired well-being, research results are ambiguous with respect to gender differences in job insecurity and its consequences. The overall aim of this project is to contribute to the understanding of job insecurity by focusing on gender. By using questionnaire and interview data, the ambition is to shed light on potential gender differences concerning the prevalence of insecurity, its antecedents and consequences. Such knowledge has obvious implications for individuals as well as organizations, and may provide insights for preventive strategies.

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