Diasporic Constructions of Home and Belonging (CoHaB)

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Start date: 01/11/2011
End date: 31/12/2015
Funding: 3354340 EUR


All over the world, stable concepts of home and belonging have, for a variety of reasons, become the exception rather thanthe rule. This has led to dramatic cultural, social and political changes and challenges. The study of diaspora and migrationhas therefore evolved into a burgeoning field of research with an urgent practical relevance. In a wide and sometimesconfusing array of approaches it is mainly covered by the humanities and the social sciences. The CoHaB Network unitesworld-leading institutions in this field in the conviction that interdisciplinary training as well as international and inter-sectoralco-operation are key to any productive study of diasporas. CoHaB gains scope and momentum by its ‘Network of Networks'rationale, binding together already existing cooperations. It is based on the resolve to strengthen interdisciplinary researchin the field with a view to establishing diaspora studies as a transdisciplinary research area in its own right. Training youngresearchers on the basis of this conviction means to provide them with the opportunity to conduct their work in a varietyof disciplinary environments as well as outside a purely academic context. Specifically, CoHaB aims at stimulating andfacilitating cooperation by negotiating core concepts between the various disciplines involved among the partner institutions.Each of these disciplines has developed its own, highly sophisticated understanding of diaspora studies, and it is high timethat these diverse understandings entered into a sustained dialogue. For this purpose, early stage researchers from variousdisciplinary backgrounds, but with similar interests in the field of diaspora studies, will join forces to develop their projects ona shared platform. This will assist them in opening their projects to a strong, interdisciplinary research environment and inproducing tangible results for their own research careers, for the scientific community, and for the general public at large.

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