Introducing European Youth in the World of Scientific Research through Interactive utilisation of a Global Network of Robotic Telescopes (Sky Watch)

Project leader

Funding source

EU Sixth Framework Programme - Science and society

Project Details

Start date: 01/02/2005
End date: 28/02/2006
Funding: 464980 EUR


The SKY WATCH project aims to introduce the European youth in the truly wondrous world of science and technology by engaging school and university students and young science amateurs in escalating, challenging and innovative multidisciplinary Science Games combining creativity, intelligence and scientific quest. SKYWATCH introduces a pan-European Science Communication and Celebration Initiative, which will reach its peak during the European Science Week 2005, comprising of two main interrelated events: (1) A two-phase European Science Contest (concluding to a central European Exhibition and a Best Projects Award Ceremony) and (2) series of popular science distance learning courses (16 Science Days overall). To perform project activities young people will be given access to an existing global network of 5 remotely control robotic telescopes though the innovative web-based platform, Eudoxos that is currently in use across Europe. The young participants will organize teams (school classes, groups of students, etc.) and design, develop and implement their science projects, comprising astronomical observations with the use of the telescopes and under the guidance and the continuous support of experts. The SKYWATCH web-portal will be launched for this scope providing access to Eudoxos Platform, to advanced collaboration and communication tools and to educational material of high added value, acting as on-line campus for scientific quests. An Integrated Publicity Campaign covering 28 European and other Countries will be implemented. At least 10,000 secondary school students of 28 European Countries, 1,000 university students, 50,000 visitors of science centres, parks and museums and 5.000 visitors (mainly school students) of the central exhibition will participate in projects activities. The establishment of a Virtual Community of young people, wider public and the scientific community is the ultimate project objective.

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