Community Noise Research Strategy Plan (CALM)

Project leader

Funding source

EU Fifth Framework Programme - Competitive and sustainable growth

Project Details

Start date: 01/10/2001
End date: 30/09/2004
Funding: 655800 EUR


The CALM Network aim to establish and coordinate a Community Noise Research Strategy Plan defining the proper steps towards noise emission reductions within the EU in the domains of air traffic, road and rail transport, marine technologies and outdoor equipment. This Strategy Plan will be based on reports from expert Noise Working Groups (appointed by the European Commission) and in cooperation with relevant industry sectors, research institutions and interest organizations. The participants in the network are chair of co-chair of the Noise Working Groups (except the co-coordinator). The Community Noise Research Strategy Plan will propose research requirements according to relevant standardization, economic and social measures, strategies and visions for future achievement of acceptable noise emission levels for the EU population.

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