Changing Glaciers: Enhancing International Research Capacity and Learning Collaboration in Reconstructing the Impacts of Glacier Responses to Climate Change (Changing Glaciers)

Project leader

Funding source

EU Seventh Framework Programme - Marie Curie

Project Details

Start date: 05/08/2013
End date: 05/08/2014
Funding: 137569 EUR


Climate change over both geological and human timescales has an immense impact on Earth environments. Changes inmountain glaciers provide both a particularly sensitive indicator of local-to-regional patterns of climate change and are crucialfor water resources and natural hazards in mountainous regions and adjacent lowlands. An international research project,led by Professor Stroeven at Stockholm University, is focused on reconstructing changes in mountain glaciers across CentralAsia. As a MCIIF, Professor Jon Harbor, a recognized senior leader in interdisciplinary research and education in glacialstudies, will play a central role in this international research project. Professor Harbor will co-lead the fieldwork, be a primarycollaborator in analyzing results and writing journal publications with faculty and students in member states and ICPCs, andwill co-lead and evaluate collaborative online international educational modules involving students in the member states andthe US. His work will enhance and reinforce research excellence in both the lead member state (Sweden), and five othermember states and ICPCs (Germany, Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, Russia, and China). Professor Harbor's unique areas ofexpertise for the MCIIF include terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide methods for glacial research, and development and evaluationof novel online collaborative learning. Outcomes of the MCIIF will include a significant broadening of the competences of thehost and collaborating organisations, in particular in interdisciplinary expertise and in building long-term, mutually beneficialcooperation between Europe, the USA and Asian ICPCs.

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