Linnaeus Centre on Social Policy and Family Dynamics in Europe (SPaDE)

Project leader


Funding source

Swedish Research Council - Vetenskapsrådet (VR)

Project Details

Start date: 01/07/2008
End date: 30/06/2018
Funding: 13980800 SEK


The Linnaeus Centre on Social Policy and Family Dynamics in Europe is designed to generate and convey to policy-makers clear and compelling evidence on the relationship of social policy to family dynamics. Previous research has had limited success in identifying links between family policies and fertility. Few studies have incorporated in their designs the other life events that are strongly associated with childbearing -- leaving the parental home, finishing education, establishing oneself in the labour and housing markets, entering cohabitation or marriage, or experiencing union dissolution. The Centre’s research program will fill these gaps by applying a clear conceptualization of social policies and their effects; research designs that take advantage of critical junctures across time, space, and usage; high quality data on family dynamics and policy contexts; and state-of-the art modeling and statistical analysis. Policy domains to be studied include parental benefits, education, labour markets and conditions of work, and housing. The Centre would bring together experts in social policy analysis and demography from the Demography Unit in the Department of Sociology, the Swedish Institute for Social Research, and the Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University, and expand collaborations with several international scholars. Centre researchers will also develop new data infrastructures to support future research on social policy and family dynamics.

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