Global implications of arctic climate processes and feedbacks (GLIMPSE)

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EU Fifth Framework Programme - Energy, environment and sustainable development

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Start date: 01/10/2003
End date: 31/10/2005
Funding: 1149540 EUR


The target is to better identify and model the key processes of the climate system, including natural variability, than has been done so far using coarse resolution Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation Models. This will be carried out by a better description of physical processes in the coupled climate system of the Arctic in high-resolution regional climate models. GLIMPSE address and reduce the deficiencies by developing improved physical decryptions and parameterisations of regional Arctic climate feedbacks (stable planetary boundary layer-, cloud-radiation-, land surface and permafrost parameterisations, (P - E) feedbacks on sea-ice distribution and influence on ecosystems) in regional climate models . The improved parameterisations of regional Arctic climate feedbacks will be applied into coupled Agamas, to determine and understand their global consequences for natural decadal scale climate variability in the past and future .

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