Animal brucellosis: genetically engineered live vaccines against B. Melitensis (Bru-Vac)

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EU Fifth Framework Programme - Quality of Life and management of living resources

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Start date: 01/09/2002
End date: 31/08/2006
Funding: 0 EUR


Brucellosis is a zoo nose causing great economical losses and human suffering. In Southern Europe, brucellosis is highly prevalent in small ruminants and, although animal vaccination is essential in eradication, the vaccine available is unsatisfactory. Preliminary evidence suggests that a Rubella lip polysaccharide mutant will have the necessary immunising power and attenuation balance, at the same time, overcome the problems of current vaccines. Thus, the project brings together seven European teams with expertise in Molecular Biology, Immunochemistry, Structural Analysis, Cell Biology and Animal Brucellosis to obtain such mutants and to perform a thorough analysis of the hypothesis, including a genetic, structural and immunochemical characterisation of the mutants, and an analysis of the intracellular behaviour, residual virulence and ability to protect sheep in comparison with vaccine Revel.

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