Reconciling between Work and Welfare Europe (RECWOWE)

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Funding source

EU Sixth Framework Programme - Citizens and governance

Project Details

Start date: 01/10/2006
End date: 30/09/2011
Funding: 4000000 EUR


The paramount objective of RECWOWE is to create a new, tightly integrated and durable European research network capable of overcoming the fragmentation of existing research on questions of work and welfare. RECWOWE will integrate existing research activities on two levels. By adopting a common focus on the various tensions that characterize the relationships between work and welfare, it will firstly promote knowledge focused on both simultaneously. Secondly, by constructing a network of specialists from different research domains and disciplines, it will create a basis for joint activities. The ultimate aim is the constitution of a "virtual institute" federating the research excellence necessary to identify and understand the multiple tensions between work and welfare, as well as strategies for managing or resolving them. RECWOWE will innovate in the field of labour market and social protection research in three related ways. The common focus on tensions will give rise to perspectives and questions for research that are currently lost in the "void" between existing research domains and academic disciplines. The activity of the network will promote new institutional and individual collaborations, based on novel combinations of disciplinary and geographical expertise. Combining these new questions and collaborations, RECWOWE will ultimately be a source of innovative new research projects focused on the interface between work and welfare. RECWOWE will, finally, seek to effectively share the new knowledge that is built up through its activities. It will organize specific training actions for students and professionals. It will centralize and publicize existing and new sources of data on work and welfare, and disseminate analyses and findings through a dedicated structure.

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