Building Human resources in the Development of Academic programmes in Sustainable Geo-system Engineering and Exploration (BRIDGE)

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Start date: 01/10/2005
End date: 30/09/2008
Funding: 0 EUR


Considering the growing demand for English-speaking experts in interdisciplinary civil and sustainable geo-system engineering and exploration in the Mekong region, this 3-year project aims to develop human resources at Vietnam National University (VNU) and National University of Laos (NUOL), so they can develop their own international (= English-taught) programs in this field (not yet existing in the Mekong region). Main target group is teaching staff of VNU and NUOL with a background in geology and civil engineering. Project partners are VNU, NUOL, AIT, ITC and Stockholm University (SU). Activities include (i) the organization of technical seminars/workshops and training courses; (ii) training in managerial topics and assistance in set-up and management of new educational programs; (iii) provide support to the development of application-oriented course modules to be included in the new international programs at VNU and NUOL. Overall objective of the action is to develop human resources in the Mekong Region in the integrated field of Geo-system Engineering and Exploration. Specific objectives are: * Training and upgrading of teaching staff at VNU and NUOL in Geo-system engineering and exploration * Training and upgrading of administrative and managerial staff in international graduate educational management. * Exchange of new teaching materials and new teaching tools * Provide support to development of modules that will be integrated in the international programs in geo-system engineering and exploration, under development at NUOL and VN.

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