Role of mucosal immunity for protection against tuberculosis (MUCOSAL TB VACCINE)

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EU Fifth Framework Programme - Quality of Life and management of living resources

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Start date: 01/02/2000
End date: 31/01/2003
Funding: 1078840 EUR


A vaccine substantially better than systemically-given BCG is need for the control of tuberculosis. To achieve this goal we propose to evaluate the potential of nasal vaccination against the infection of lungs which are part of the mucosal immune system. Active immunisation with BCG, antigenic protein and DNA subunits with suitable adjuvants, and of passive immunisation with secretory IgA antibodies against surface antigens will be evaluated in a mouse model of aerosol infection. The various T cell subsets from the lungs of vaccinated mice will be characterised in terms of cytokine profile, specificity of peptidic & non-peptidic ligands and surface phenotype. The regulatory role of the lung dendritic cells and of the pIgR and Fcar receptors will be determined in vitro. Such a comprehensive analysis of both cellular and humoral mechanisms of lung mucosal immunity should reveal novel effective strategies for TB vaccination, and enable IPR to be secured.

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