European fleet for airborne research in the field of environment and geo-sciences (EUFAR)

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Funding source

EU Sixth Framework Programme - Sustainable development, global change and ecosystems

Project Details

Start date: 01/10/2004
End date: 30/09/2008
Funding: 5000000 EUR


The objectives of the JRA (Joint Research Activity) are: - to design and construct an Aerosol Reference Pod that can be flown on several aircraft and will serve as a true basis for inter-calibration of airborne aerosol instrumentation, as well as being a stand-alone aerosol payload; - to have this stand-alone payload available for various aircraft of the EUFAR fleet. It will be operated as a common European instrument package. The AARP (Airborne Aerosol Reference Pod) will carry a comprehensive suite of instruments to measure the concentration (condensation particle counters - CPCs), ambient size distributions (X-probe), dry size distributions (differential mobility analysers + CPCs, optical particle counter), optical properties (nephelometer, soot photometer), thermal volatility (heated/unheated ADENA CPC) and chemical composition (cascade impactor, filters). Pods of this kind will allow instrument inter-calibrations to be carried out during an entire flight (or on several flights), and obviate the need for wingtip-to-wingtip comparisons. With pods, inter-comparisons can be performed during normal flight operations, resulting in considerable cost savings in terms of flight hours when compared with the current approach of formation flying for inter-comparisons purposes.

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