Ingvar Carlsson Award: The Botulinum neurotoxin, a deadly toxin that also heals

Project leader

Funding source

Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research - Stiftelsen för strategisk forskning

Project Details

Start date: 10/09/2009
End date: 01/01/2013
Funding: 3000000 SEK


The Botulinum neurotoxins are the most toxic substances known. Even though the toxins can be deadly they are extensively utilized to treat numerous medical conditions. I am going to establish a leading research group at the Center for Biomembrane Research. Here we will study the toxins interactions with its co-receptors that are located on the neuron surface. Many of the co-receptors are membrane proteins and we will study their interactions with different toxin serotypes. We will use X-ray crystallography and a variety of other methods. Our findings will help us in the design of toxin variants with novel co-receptor affinity and specificity. These toxin variants will improve existing, and also generate new, medical applications. There is great potential in studies of the Botulinum neurotoxins and related genes for the identification of novel functionality and applications, both medical and biotechnological. Our results will be of broad scientific interest answering important questions. The binding to and passage through the neuronal membrane are necessary steps for the function of the Botulinum neurotoxin and much knowledge will be gained about these important processes. We will also contribute to the development of toxin countermeasures and vaccines. Our findings will be highly relevant both for academia and industry. We are going to make key scientific discoveries and develop new toxin variants with the aim of commercializing our findings.

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