Nordic Centre of Excellence BACCI (Research centre
on biosphere-aerosol-cloud-climate interactions)

Project leader

Funding source

NordForsk - Nordic Council's advisory board on Nordic research policy

Project Details

Start date: 01/01/2002
End date: 31/12/2007


Our main objective is to study the importance of aerosol particles on climate change and on human health. Particularly, we will focus on a) the effect of biogenic aerosols on global aerosol load, b) aerosol-cloud-climate interaction and c) the relationships between the atmosphere and different ecosystems (ocean and boreal forest). During the recent years it has become obvious that homogeneous nucleation events of fresh aerosol particles take frequently place in the atmosphere, and that homogeneous nucleation and subsequent growth have a significant role in determining atmospheric aerosol load. In order to be able to understand this we need to perform studies on formation and growth of biogenic aerosols including a) formation of their precursors by biological activities, b) related micrometeorology, c) atmospheric chemistry, and d) atmospheric phase transitions. Our approach covers both experimental (laboratory and field experiments including development of novel instrumental techniques) and theoretical (basic theories, simulations, model development) approaches.

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