Coordination by Evaluations and Valuations: Market Logic Inside and Outside the Economy (CEV)

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European Research Council (ERC)

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Start date: 01/01/2011
End date: 31/12/2016
Funding: 1476251 EUR


This project studies evaluation and valuation as ways of coordinating actors and resources. Valuation is the ascribing of value to people, organizations, things and events given that there is no standard of value. Evaluation is judging according to an already existing value-standard. Valuation and evaluation are ways of ranking and thus ordering of objects . Markets are examples of economic social formations in which valuations and evaluations are the foundation for the choices made.

Valuation and evaluation are important means of coordination also outside of the economy, in competitions (e.g., sports), reviews (e.g., books), and auditing (e.g., of ethical conduct).

This project is motivated by evaluation and valuation as increasingly influential ways of coordinating social life. Choices based on evaluation have gradually replaced networks and hierarchies as the preferred coordination form, but processes of valuation or evaluation are not well-understood. The overarching research question of this project is: how do processes of coordination based on valuations function? By understanding these processes can we analyze the consequences of coordinated by the means of evaluation in different spheres of life. It is also the foundation for policy suggestions.

The proposed project uses theoretical insights about market elements in economics and sociology and on the relational sociological literature on social formations. Empirical sub-projects are designed to facilitate comparison, to establish validated conclusions and to promote theory development. This project opens up a new avenue of research of coordination based on valuation and evaluation. It will lead to the establishment a high quality research group located at the frontiers of social science.

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