Models of good practice in drug treatment in Europe (MORETREAT)

Project leader

Funding source

EU Directorate-General for Health and Consumers

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Start date: 01/04/2007
End date: 31/08/2008
Funding: 299336 EUR


The project will identify, collect and evaluate models of good practice in drug treatment/intervention in Europe. Based on the elaborated inventory in all member states and a consensus process, good practice guidance for key drug treatment/intervention forms as well as for the system level of drug treatment services, are presented. The applied methodology is a proven strategy to initiate and facilitate the process of consensus building among the experts and establishing guidelines by identifying, analysing and compiling the knowledge on evidence-based drug treatment/intervention approaches. With regard to sustainability the project will formulate recommendations for establishing a platform for guidance for treatment on a European level that serves a continued improvement of drug treatment in the member states. The results of this project can serve as guidance for future improvement in commissioning and provision of substance use treatment and care in the EU Member States.

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