Comparision of Exposure-Effect Pathways to Improve the Assessment of Human Health Risks of Complex Environmental Mixtures of Organohalogen (COMPARE)

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EU Fifth Framework Programme - Quality of Life and management of living resources

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Start date: 01/01/2001
End date: 31/12/2003
Funding: 1874900 EUR


Concern has raised on increased incidences in a number of adverse health outcomes (e.g. cancers, osteoporosis, endometriosis) in the European Community and their possible (at least in part) association with exposure to environmental in project's main objective is to improve our understanding of exposure (to organ halogens (OHS) and effect pathwaysexperimental animals and in human individuals. Since humans are exposed to complex mixtures, representatives of various classes Otto's and their major metabolites (Posh and Meshes) will be studied, This will allow us to evaluate the options to integrate congener-specific effects to obtain and to assess total human health risk from exposure to complex mixtures of OHS and metabolites. The project consists of an environmental chemical part (method development and transfer, identification, synthesis and blood analysis of OHS and metabolites) a toxicological part (toxic kinetics, in particular Tran placental transport, and developmental reproductive and neurobehavioral effect studies, and biomarker/bioassay development) and a clinical/epidemiological part (studying the possible associations between OHS/PhOHsexposure and adult health outcomes (osteoporosis, endometriosis) as we as infant neurodevelopment. Finally, all information will be used to perform a scientifically sound, integrated & comparable risk assessment for ...

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