Citizenship and democratic legitimacy in the European Union (CIDEL)

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Funding source

EU Fifth Framework Programme

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Start date: 01/11/2002
End date: 31/10/2005
Funding: 1600000 EUR


The objective is to examine the prospects for a citizens ' Europe through taking stock of the EU as a rights-based post-national union. This requires attention to what kind of order is emerging in Europe: Is it moving towards a) a mere problem-solving entity based on economic citizenship; b) a value-based entity premised on social and cultural citizenship; c) a rights-based post-national union, based on a full-fledged political citizenship? CIDEL tests these options in different issue areas of the EU, i.e., constitution making, the question of the emergence of a European public sphere, enlargement, foreign and security policy, and social and tax policy. Expected results are: a) the specifying and testing of bargaining and functional adaptation; b) conceptualizing the EU in polity terms; c) clarification of the status of the EU in rights-based terms.

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