Processes in Third Language Acquisition

Project leader


Björn Hammarberg and Sarah Williams

Type: Research project.

Running: Intermittently 1990–2009.

Funding: Faculty resources, Stockholm University.

Project description

The project is a comprehensive longitudinal case study of an adult multilingual person who acquires a new language (Swedish) through interaction with native speakers. The project deals especially with the multilingual situation, the learner’s acquisitional activities, and the involvement of her different background languages in the process of speaking.

The project offers a coherent study of various linguistic phenomena, including the functional role distribution between the background languages, patterns and functions of language switching, word search in interaction, hypothetical construction of words, and articulatory settings in speaking. The main languages involved are English (L1), German (L2) and Swedish (L3). The activation of these languages in the learner’s speech is examined from a cognitive perspective in relation to current models of the speaking process. A longitudinal corpus of NNS–NS conversations covering 21 months from the beginner stage provides the data for these studies.

The final report from the project is Hammarberg, Björn (ed.) (2009), Processes in Third Language Acquisition. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

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