Knowledge resources in social practice

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Start date: 01/11/2011
End date: 01/03/2017


This Ph.D. project investigates how various kinds of discourses are used in actions related to parenthood. The main theoretical grounds are linguistic anthropology and mediated discourse analysis. This issue is approached in three separate studies.

The first study focuses on a thread on the online discussion forum, where expecting parents come together to share experiences, advice and support. A paper in progress presenting this study can be found on Academia.

The second study is a case study which investigates the issue from the outlook of an individual who has recently become a parent, and is thus faced with challenges that she copes with in a variety of discursive practices. This is here grasped as a navigation in a linguistic landscape, seeking to unite discourse analytical strands of research with an understanding of the historical body taking concrete actions with discourses.

The third study focuses on institutionalized knowledge production, by using data from childbirth preparation classes as well as from interviews with midwives. The focus is here on the midwives' professional commitment to inform and prepare expecting parents of chiltbirth and infant care, and on their conceptualizations of the discursive resources at hand to accomplish this mission.

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