Working title: Oscars' Red Carpet: From Local to Global (A Media History)

Project leader


The proposed dissertation will analyze the emergence and evolution of the Academy Award’s red carpet, following the media shifts that transformed it into a platform for branding celebrities and designers.

The study will focus on three different historical constellations in order to account for the influence of these media shifts, the changes in the industry’s approach, and the Public Relations’ dynamics of the event. The research will investigate how the red carpet took center stage and became, arguably, the most prominent fashion show in media culture. Following its media coverage across history, this historiographical study will shed light on how the red carpet gained such an unrivaled status, functioning as a marquee for designers to expose their creations, and for celebrities to bust their publicity, status, and cachets.

By delving into primary sources, this interdisciplinary research will provide a threefold contribution to fashion, cinema and media studies; insofar as it will trace Hollywood’s undeniable role in the construction of celebrity and glamour, by understanding how early Public Relations campaigns and media coverage articulated the fashion discourse around the Oscars, leading to the institutionalization of the red carpet as a fashion event in its own right.

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