Kalaureia 1894. People, places and things around the first Swedish excavation in Greece

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Start date: 01/02/2010
End date: 01/10/2014


My thesis deals with the first Swedish archaeological excavation in Greece, on the island of Kalaureia in 1894. Samuel Wide, Lennart Kjellberg and Sven Kristenson spent a summer on the island where they carried out fieldwork together with Greek workers. I will document and analyse the excavation as a phenomenon, as well as analyse the archaeologists’ cultural and political context in order to study their relation to Greece, the Greeks and to archaeology. By studying how the material and mental memories that can be linked to the 1894 excavation affect the ongoing project on Kalaureia, I want to stress the importance of including historical interpretations in contemporary archaeological projects. I also want to encourage critical analysis of the scientific history of Swedish archaeology. The project demonstrates the possibilities of using a variety of source material – from archaeological field observations to photographs, letters, diaries, newspaper articles, interviews, etc. – as a basis for including historical voices in the concepts of archaeological ethnography and multivocality, and for analysing a vital part of the archaeological site’s life history.

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