Doctoral programme in Special Education directed towards Early Interventions in
Early Childhood Education

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Swedish Research Council - Vetenskapsrådet (VR)

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Start date: 01/01/2018


High quality Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Early Interventions (EI) have a positive impact on children’s outcomes. Evaluations indicate a need for improvement: differences in quality, lack of staff and inadequacies in supporting children with disability and special educational needs (SEN) are reported. Children with SEN risk to experience less participation in ECE. Early interventions in educational setting break the links of disadvantage to later poor outcomes. Practitioners indicated a need of interventions targeting in particular self-regulation, language and communication skills, and socio-emotional learning. Special educators support
the development of research-based interventions addressing SEN in ECE. The Research School will give the opportunity to PhD students to acquire tools of inquiry in Special Education (SE) and strengthen a field of applied research, developing connections and exchange between practice, research and professional development. The Research School has the aim to develop applied research in educational inclusive settings, as well as to support research based practices.The SE interventions include activities at universal, group and individual level and engaging interactions; research-based learning practices; child assessments; and individualized teaching and learning. The Research School will build upon existing multidisciplinary and multisite National, Nordic and International partnerships and will also consolidate these collaborations.

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