Water Management and Climate Change in the Focus of International Master Programs (WATERMAS)

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Start date: 15/10/0017
End date: 31/12/2019
Funding: 764523 EUR


The project will develop and establish a new standard of higher educational and scientific knowledge exchange between European and Latin American countries. This will be done leveraging existing Master’s courses/programs of Water Management at the various partner universities. Water is regional priority around the world but synthesis of water resource management aspects from local-to-global scales is not currently included higher education curriculum. This leaves local populations vulnerable to future shifts in climate at global scales and changes in land usage at regional scales. We will change this by boosting the curriculum development in the field of water resource conservation and management from the perspective of climate change adaption and impact mitigation. In detail, we want to 1) improve knowledge, skills and competences of the next generation of leaders in the field of water resource conservation and management thereby contributing to long-term growth, prosperity and social inclusion, 2) incorporate up to date scientific and technological knowledge into the curriculum development to enhance capacities to tackle future water resource management problem anticipated due to climate change, 3) increase local expertise in order to help optimize the water use (water related ecosystem/environmental services) and sustainable exploitation of water resources, in particular in relation to the severely increased water consumption of agricultural intensification and urbanization and installation of hydropower dams, 4) enhance the skills and competences of young people on water resource conservation and management to ensure their competitiveness in the future labour market, and 5) promote common educational values, faster social integration, enhance intercultural understanding and language skills.

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