Utveckling av ett nytt in vitro-translationssystem för studier av membranproteiner

Project leader

Funding source

Vinnova - The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems

Project Details

Start date: 01/01/2013
End date: 31/12/2015
Funding: 300000 SEK


Syfte och mål

The overall aim of our research is a detailed understanding of translocon-mediated assembly of membrane proteins, both in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), the inner membrane of bacteria, and in the inner membrane of mitochondria. Specifically, in this project we will combine the membrane protein expertise of the Swedish partner with the chemical biology expertise of the Japanese partner in exploring the use of non-proteinogenic amino acids incorporated into model membrane proteins to probe the molecular interactions that drive membrane protein assembly.

Förväntade effekter och resultat

The project will open up a whole range of new possibilities to probe the membrane insertion and folding of membrane proteins and will provide basic information relevant for both structural modeling and, by extension, for structure-guided drug design.

Planerat upplägg och genomförande

Month 1-3: Pilot experiments to define the conditions for in vitro translation and insertion into E. coli IMVs of the Swedish partner´s model membrane-protein constructs in an unfractionated E. coli lysate. Months 4-12: Development of the FIT-based in vitro translation system for membrane-protein insertion into E. coli IMVs. Months 13-24: Production phase.

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