Participation, social climate and learning in educational settings. An intervention on the organisation of learning environments to develop their ability to change and adapt to the students' needs

Project leader

Funding source

Faculty for Social Science, Stockholm University
Swedish Research Council - Vetenskapsrådet (VR)

Project Details

Start date: 01/01/2009
Funding: 2750000 SEK


The project is based on the theory that the social climate of learning environments affects students’ well-being, health, motivation and learning. If there is already convincing evidence from empirical research showing that the social climate at schools is an important protective or risk factor for children and youths, there is still a need of applicable models that can be employed within schools, in order to improve the social climate. The program is an intervention based on an original, theory-based model of the social climate and values of learning environments. The aim is to support the development of strategies to analyse and change the school organisation and its social climate, with the aim to improve the participation and inclusion of diverse learners. It implies that the schools go through a long-term process, building on the present situation of each school, its culture, resources and competence. The actual situation of the schools is assessed and evaluated with different methods. The school is responsible for planning and carrying out strategies of intervention. The program is expected to influence positively the social climate, well-being, learning and perception of participation of the pupils, and the ability of the staff to analyse problems, define goals and plan strategies. This study will contribute to a development in this area through a field trial of an original theory-based and empirically tested model of the social climate at school.

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