Advancing Fundamental Knowledge of Natural Capital, Resilience and Biosphere Stewardship

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Marianne och Marcus Wallenbergs stiftelse

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Start date: 01/01/2014
End date: 31/12/2018
Funding: 9100000 SEK


We apply for a research and scientific leadership program in sustainability science, joint between Stanford University and the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University, in support of leading young scholars operating at the knowledge frontiers on management and governance of natural capital, resilience, and the biosphere. The proposed program is a research platform for development of new theory, analysis, and synthesis, emphasizing that humans are part of the biosphere and shape it from local to global levels. At the same time humans are fundamentally dependent on the capacity of the biosphere to sustain development. The new global situation reflects a biosphere in which humanity and nature are truly intertwined. Transformations of human actions towards improved management and governance of critical natural capital, ecosystems services and resilience provide ample opportunities for sustainable development. Considering the rapidly increasing magnitude, pace, and complexity of human actions and global change, however, understanding of Earth system dynamics - with humans as actors therein - remains woefully incomplete.

The following research frontiers offer exceptional opportunity to make a deep and lasting impact through collaboration and research exchange.

A. Characterizing, managing and governing natural capital and ecosystem services

B. Linking social and economic development to biosphere stewardship from local to global levels

C. Sustainable and healthy food and water for a rapidly urbanizing world

D. Human behavior, cognition, and mental well-being in an urbanizing, highly dynamic world

The research exchange program will engage top young scientists that will gain experience in problem-oriented, interdisciplinary collaboration in sustainability science and become key individuals in this field for the future.

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